Spiritual Coach

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Her Story

Suleena is an affirmed SPIRITUAL HEALER . She is additionally a SPIRITUAL COUNSELOR and a PSYCHIC READER. She is a cutting edge Spiritualist who fuses comprehensive and profound practices to adjust and recuperate the body, psyche, and soul.

Suleena’s main goal isn’t simply give lecturing, and mending to the mass yet to have the option to reach to individuals face to face and enable them to comprehend their spirit’s voyage and change. Being a Physic realer she channelizes with celestial energies and inestimable domains to recuperate individuals from different foundations, age gathering and religion. She gives direction to individuals when there are obstructions in the movement of life.

 Values & Beliefs

At the point when there are instabilities about future, things leave hands and a lot of horrible examinations starts remaining in the brain, by then she encourages individuals to leave these restless circumstances through her recuperating rehearses. To spread this data further and grow out to help the greater social event of people she has familiar Spiritual Awakening Programs to help people to change their Karmas. Likewise directs Mass Healing sessions for people from grouped religion, cast and tongues, followers and non-devotees who are attempting to transform and have unfulfilled wants and wishes.

Suleena conducts face to face interviews for future direction, advising and healing solutions for searchers and believers who are stuck up in a circumstance and are searching for the correct otherworldly direction. Her clients have felt lighter, more joyful and have professed to have more vitality and clearness after healing sessions.

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